Precision Twist Drill


Precision Twist Drill manufactures HSS and solid carbide drills, as well as other round tools, for all segments of general engineering.

Cobalt Drills

Cobalt (HSS-E) cutting tools are a good alternative to HSS when looking for a broader cutting speed range. HSS-E tools have a higher hot hardness and wear resistance making the tools excellent for application specific operations.

Popular Cobalt series from Precision Twist Drill:


HSS Cutting Tools

High Speed Steel (HSS) cutting tools are best suited to job shop production environments where versatility and tool cost are of the highest importance to an end-user. HSS tools can resist vibrations, whatever the type of machine tool, even if rigidity has been lost over time and regardless of work-piece clamping conditions. The material can cope with varying lubrication conditions which may result in thermal changes.

Popular HSS series from Precision Twist Drill:

Aircraft Drills

Contractors and subcontracts around the globe use the National Aerospace Specification (NAS) when building aerospace systems and equipment. Components used in the manufacturing of subsystems are also directed by NAS to ensure consistent delivery of design and usage that optimizes performance, efficiency, and productivity. Precision Twist Drill supports a variety of NAS drills.

The National Aerospace Specification for drills are covered by three (3) standards – NAS907, NAS937 and NAS965. Each of these specifications has “Types” within each standard to call out the specific size of the drill. The standards call out the material, surface treatment and point.

Popular Aircraft series from Precision Twist Drill:


Carbide Drills

Carbide cutting tools provide an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance and longer tool life across a broad range of industries and applications.

Popular Carbide series from Precision Twist Drill: