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Since 1967, Pacific Industrial Supply has been serving Southern California as a full-line industrial distributor. During that span of time, we have built an organization that continually strives to be second to none in the quality of service we offer our customers. We believe that a complete service offering involves continuously bringing the newest advancements in technology to our customers. Our staff will work with you along with our supplier’s representatives to support you at the spindle, directly on the manufacturing floor. We will work side by side with your staff, making you more competitive every day. Our experienced order desk personnel are available to serve all your immediate needs throughout the workday. We appreciate all our loyal customers and thank them for making our organization successful. For those that we have not yet had the opportunity to serve, we look forward to demonstrating the Pacific Industrial Supply difference.

Desde 1967, Pacific Industrial Supply a servido al Sureste de California como distribuidor con linea completa de productos industriales. Durante este lapso de tiempo, hemos construido una organizacion que se esfuerza continuamente para ofrecer la mejor calidad de servicios a nuestros clientes. Nosotros creemos que parte de ofrecer un servicio completo implica continuamente traer nuevas tecnologias a nuestros clientes. Cuando selecciona a Pacific Industrial Supply como su proveedor, puede esperar contacto directo cara a cara continuamente y apoyo en su planta de fabricacion – lado a lado con su personal, haciendolo mas competitivo cada dia. Usted puede contar con servicio al cliente y representantes de ventas para servirle en sus necesidades inmediatas durante el dia, apreciamos a nuestros clientes leales y les agradecemos por lograr una organizacion exitosa. Para las compañias que no hemos tenido la oportunidad de servir, esperamos demostrar la diferencia que Pacific Industrial Supply puede ofrecerles.